Tommaso Cortonesi, Andrea Machetti and Riccardo Talenti are the three new Deputy Chairmen




Consolidating all the positive things that have been done in the past three years (new headquarters, mapping of the territory, expansion on the international market, Foundation) and enhancing the Consortium’s driving role in order to develop Montalcino’s economy, “because only with a strong territory can there be a winning Brunello”. These are the distinguishing items of the new Chairman’s agenda.

Montalcino, 14 June 2016 – The Board of Directors has elected Patrizio Cencioni to head the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino. Cencioni will stay in office until 2019. The Board also elected three new Deputy Chairmen: Tommaso Cortonesi (31 years old and at the helm of the estate “La Mannella”), Andrea Machetti (50 years old, Managing Director of Mastrojanni, Illy Group), Riccardo Talenti (37 years old, the owner of the estate that goes by his name).

Patrizio Cencioni, 60 years old, head of the “Capanna”, one of the legendary estates in the land of Brunello, has already held the office of Consortium Chairman in 2008 and of Deputy Chairman during the last term.

For three years, the Chairman will be heading an organisation that, in 2015, produced 9.8 million bottles of Brunello (+11% increase to 2014) and 4,500,000 bottles (+17%) of Rosso di Montalcino, 20,000 bottles of Moscadello and 300,000 bottles of Sant’Antimo, for a total turnover of € 187 million and a 70% export share.

Cencioni’s term of office will be based on continuity. As the Chairman himself wished to underscore, “It will be a commitment that takes advantage of the synergy and collaboration between the wine producers, the Consortium and the Institutions that, on the one hand, will push forward certain very important initiatives already kicked off by the previous Board of Directors, like the project pertaining to the mapping of the territory and the foundation “Fondazione Brunello di Montalcino”, another significant tool that will promote the growth of the “Montalcino system”. On the other hand, the commitment will be focused on expanding and strengthening the Brunello brand on the international market, especially in those areas that are potentially very interesting but where the competition is also very strong. Indeed, the aim of the Consortium is to carry out a role that, at present, is increasingly crucial, in other words, the role of agency for territorial development, because only with a strong territory can there be a winning Brunello. This can also be achieved through a new way of promoting and talking about wine. Betting on young people, as the choice of Deputy Chairmen clearly demonstrates. We want to explain to the world that Brunello is one-of-a-kind because it is the result of a system based on the complementary nature of the large producers, which represent some of the most important players in Italy’s wine-growing and producing system, and the smaller vinedressers, custodians of traditions and of high oenological artisanship. But that’s not all. There are the stories, the knowledge, the skills and the structures of a century-old territory. In that sense, the 50-year anniversary of the Consortium’s establishment will represent a fantastic opportunity around which to develop new initiatives aimed at enhancing the value of Brunello as well as of the local territory”.


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